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Engelhart is a family business with over 40 years of experience in the industry of traditional games, sports equipment and toys.

The expertise has built up over these many years resulted in an extensive network of qualified and reliable suppliers. We carry articles under our own label, but we also have agencies for various professional products in the field of darts, outdoor games and (wooden) toys.

Speelgoedprijs knikkerpot


The start of Engelhart

1980 - After 20 years of experience in sports & games, SRA starts trading business gifts from his home in Tilburg.

1981 - Design of the small marble pot, a meter of beer, and the tennis trainer are the first three articles with which Theo Engelhart started.  

1984 - SRA becomes Engelhart.

Engelhart wins the toy prize of the year with the super marble pot®.


Known under article number 502002.

Verhuizing pand Engelhart


New brands and a new location

1991 - Langeveld BV is taken over by Engelhart and the Longfield Games and Longfield Darts brands were born.

2000 - Engelhart moves from Ringbaan Noord to Rheastraat

Engelhart beurs Lucille Stevens

 2006 - 2009

The acquisition of Lucille and Boris

2006 - Lucille Engelhart and Boris Stevens are taking Engelhart over from Theo Engelhart.

2009 - With the acquisition of HD Sports, Engelhart acquires the agency from the label Harrows Darts.

Weible knet klei

 2012 - 2013

Engelhart continues to expand!

2012 - Engelhart acquires the agency of the label Bex outdoor games, known among other things for the game Kubb. And the brand I'm Toy, with its high-quality wooden toys, is now part of the Engelhart range.  

2013 - We keep expanding, the fantastic label Weible Knet can be bought from us. Weible Knet has been a high-quality natural quality product from Germany for more than 100 years. Weible Knet has the property not to dry out and will therefore not harden. The product is 100% natural and gluten-free. Weible Knet is made from potato starch and beeswax. The dyes come from the food industry, so the clay is exclusively colored with natural dyes. 

Engelhart website

 2017 - 2018 

Again renewal at angel heart.


2017 - Engelhart switches to a new ERP system and therefore also a completely new website!


2018 - Bob Stevens joins Engelhart, the third generation in the family business.

Overlijden Boris Stevens


A loving goodbye

2019 -  Our director Boris Stevens passed away on September 16. 

40 jaar Engelhart

 2019 - 2020 

Sustainability, for Engelhart

2019 - Engelhart is becoming more sustainable. Solar panels have been installed and the entire building contains LED lighting.

2020 - Engelhart celebrated its 40th anniversary on October 1, 2020.

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